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Download Hint:

For most reliable download of software and documentation updates use 'right click'
followed by 'save target as' to store the downloaded file locally.

Feedback from some users of later versions of Internet Explorer is that zip files become
corrupted during the download. Please contact us directly if you need assistance.

Software Updates

For the latest DRB-25 Programming Software please contact Westel

DRB-25 Operating Software (Zip format, 4416k)

DRB-25 Operating Software (rar format, 4416k - for IE8 users)

V4.74 Release Note


DRB-25 Operator and Maintenance Manual (pdf format, 1.5MB, v1.00 Aug 2011)

DRB-25 Spare Parts Manual (pdf format, 2.3MB, v2.00 Sep 2013)